You'll add the default signature to Salesforce for employees that send emails in Salesforce.

Supported editions: 

  • Enterprise, 
  • Unlimited, 
  • Developer, 
  • Performance. 
All other editions are not supported because there is no API access in those versions - Learn more on Salesforce support.

Note: Salesforce enforces an email signature limit of 1333 characters:

To adopt this option for the employees in your account, follow the next steps.
Note: This only needs to be done by the administrator. Each person will not have to do anything to get the signatures to appear. The steps here only need to be done once by the administrator to set up the integration.

Log in to your account. Open Preferences in the top right corner of the window.

Switch to the Integration tab and choose Salesforce in the left menu.

Check ‘Enable Salesforce Integration', and the Salesforce login query will be dropped down below.

Click ‘Link Salesforce’, and you will be redirected to the Salesforce authorization page. Log in to the under the user who has administrator's rights. Only one's admin needs to link the account in Xink. And this will work for all account's employees who have been added to

Once the connection was successfully processed, it will redirect you back to the Xink Integration page with the already entered login into the corresponding field. Click ‘Save’.

The setup is done. It means that during a short time the signature set for the user Alexander Beck in Xink account will be pushed to his Salesforce account.

Check the integration results in the Salesforce environment of the hooked account.

If you want to set up a new Salesforce integration

To create a new Salesforce integration disable the previous one first and save.

Then open the Integration page once more and enable the integration for the next account.

Check that the integration works

You can check that the integration works by logging in to your account and navigate to your email signature in the portal. You should see the signature appear here.

Error, Code (-1)  = GeneralError. In the case of Salesforce, this means that the signature length is more than 1333 characters, and this signature is too long for SF

Error, Code (2)  = NotFound means that this mailbox was not found in the SF account

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