Zendesk Integration

Zendesk integration is available in Xink. By enabling Zendesk integration, you update the email signatures for all employees using Zendesk.

NOTE: Zendesk supports only Plain text signatures.
So make sure that the signature you assign to your employee has the Plain text version in Xink.

Find the Plain text signature section in your signature entry in Xink:

To adopt this option for the employees in your account, follow the next steps.
Log in to your app.xink.io account. Open Preferences in the top right corner of the window.

Switch to the Integration tab and choose Zendesk in the left menu.

Check ‘Enable Zendesk Integration’, and the Zendesk login query will appear below.

Once you enable the Integration, the field ‘Admin Email’ will show with your Xink account admin email by default. You can change it. Here should stay the Zendesk admin email.

Copy the domain name from your Zendesk URL directly in the address line:

And paste your Zendesk domain name in Xink Preferences:

Create the API token for the Xink signature update in your Zendesk account. Follow the path: Admin | Channels | API in your Zendesk account:

  • Click + to add the new token;
  • Describe API;
  • Copy and store the token;
  • Save.

Always check that the Token Access section is enabled when creating a Xink signature update.

Return to Xink Preferences and fill in the last login query field, i.e. API Token. Just paste the copied API token:

Click ‘Check Zendesk Connectivity’. Once ‘Connection succeeded,’ the Zendesk users who are added to your Xink account will receive the appropriate Xink signature.

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