If your new email signature design is an image, we are happy to take your image and convert it into suitable HTML code for improved deliverability and compatibility. 

Why waste a beautiful design with poor HTML code when with a little bit of effort, you can get your email signature in front of the people that matter most – your clients, peers, prospects, and industry associates? 

With our email signature design converter service, you can rest easy knowing that all of your handiwork is actually being seen. 

And ultimately, isn’t that the point of an email signature? To be seen by others so that you can make a lasting impression? 

P.S. Xink is not a design agency, we are a software company, so we cannot help you with your actual graphical design. 
You need to have this in place already, and then we can help you convert your design into a proper HTML email signature. 
So please don’t ask us to improve your logo files or scale them, change DPI size or anything like that – we expect that you have had this done already.

How to get started

  1. Login to your Xink account.
  2. Create a support ticket here on our Help Desk stating your Xink Account Name.
  3. Attach your design which can be a PNG, PDF or a JPG with the design from your graphic designer. (No AI or vector files.)
    This way we know exactly how you and your designer want your email signature to look like.
  4. Send us all your graphics, fonts, hyperlinks, and anything else you want in the signature.
    To make this efficient, you need to provide us with all graphical elements in the correct signature size.