Use Cases 

Use Case #1: You want to add extra flexibility and allow users to update certain information in a controlled manner.

Use Case #2: You can give limited creative freedom to your employees to allow them to decide, for example, whether or not to include their LinkedIn profiles or their headshots. 

Use Case #3: You are reading employee data from Active Directory, but not all data are updated and you don't need to update centrally.

How to make Fields Editable by Individual Employees

Click on the Gear in the upper right side of your Xink Account > Preferences > Fields tab.

Select a specific field and check 'Editable by the employee'.

Click Save for that particular field and then make sure to hit Save again to save all changes made to your Preferences when finished. 

How will your employees manage their customized email signature options?

First, you need to make your employees aware of this new option. 

If you deployed Xink across a large company, no one will even know Xink is what's making their signatures look so professional. 

Shoot the affected colleagues a message to let them know that they have this opportunity to update part of their signature and why they might want to (but aren't required to.)

Instruct them to:

  1. Open the Xink application on their computers. 
  2. Go to 'My Contact Details' (currently only available for Windows - Not for Mac)
  3. Fill in any fields you want to add to. 

In the example below a selection of fields including the head-shot photo can be edited More examples.