How to move an account to a partner

Moving an existing Xink account to a partner login require approval by the primary contact.

  • Verify that the primary contact is correct as this is the email that receives the email notifications (check both your account and client account).

    In the Xink account, click Preferences (top right-hand) > Subscription:

  • Create an admin login (any role will work) using the same primary email in Admins (top right-hand):

Now you are ready to request an account transfer (step 1 below).

The step-by-step automated approval process

  1. When you are ready, email us or submit a support ticket and we'll initiate the account transfer
  2. The client (primary contact) receives an email 
  3. The partner (primary contact) gets a pending status notification by email 
  4. The partner can see the client account in MANAGED ACCOUNTS, but cannot impersonate (when clicking the small gear on the right-hand side)
  5. The client (primary contact) approves
  6. The partner (primary contact) is notified by email
  7. The partner can see the account in MANAGED ACCOUNTS and can impersonate using one login


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