M365 - Server-Side: Shared mailboxes (NIS2)

There needs to be a possiblity to add shared mailboxes when using the server side setup of Xink.
Especially when NIS2 will be implemented.

In certain industries MFA will be obligated(I hope all industries) . Because there is no easy way to share MFA to multiple users using a shared mailbox. Especially when there located at different sites. It should be a great addon to add signatures to shared mailboxes

  • Hi Sam -

    The shared mailbox functionality is included when updating email signatures using the 365 add-in > Learn more.

    Since mobile support is added to the 365 add-in, the server-side method is for non-Outlook email clients.
    We do not recommend server-side for Microsoft 365 environments to minimize the risk (email re-routing) and avoid privacy concerns.
    When using the 365 add-in in combination with server-side, only the non-Outlook emails get re-routed (minimizes the risk).

    Can you use the 365 add-in instead of server-side?

    Jesper Frier

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