SharedMailbox collaboration

I work with some companies where they use shared mailboxes as collaboration means
This means that the desired signature is different depending on who replied to it
a signature for a mailbox like contact@ should be something like

Thank you for reaching out to contact@
Best regards
(name)Bob Man

Different from Bob's own signature but still containing the desired amount of his info
This is currently possible through optional signatures, but without the client we lose automation and preferably we would like to run add in only due to mac roll out mostly
Perhabs having diffrent account types in Xink would allow Xink to reconise a sharedmailbox and use the connected user info instead in dynamic fields

  • Thanks for your suggestion, Kristian -

    Does the below guide answer your question?

    How to assign email signatures for shared and user mailboxes:


  • Hello Jesper

    Yes this guide is a good help, however I wish to run the add-in only if possible due to Mac deployment complications  
    and I do not like the idea of setting do not change on the users 
    would the add in be able to see other user 
    if both accounts are signed into outlook and both appear in xink employee's but one is marked as shared would the signature of shared be able to fill out with user info instead?

  • Hello Kristian -

    Since this is a public post, please share an example and send it to me (jesper @

    Forward the employee email.
    Let me know the shared email and the template for the shared mailbox.


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