Multiple XINK accounts in one domain - another minor adjustment for Multi domain users


Please add support for reading a hive from
HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Xink\Xink Client AD\ADConfig
HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Xink\Xink Client AD\ADConfig


 I you have a two XINK accounts and one domain, you cannot configure xing easly.

  • It is must have functionality in bigger organization. Please consider this solution.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for your suggestion.

    We offer the MANAGED ACCOUNTS menu to organisations that need to split users into multiple accounts.

    Via the main account (1st tier), you can access the MANAGED ACCOUNTS (2nd tier).

    Do you use Microsoft 365?

    Do you update Outlook email signatures using the Xink client (legacy method)?


    Jesper Frier

  • We use on premise exchange and deploy xink via GPO

  • Got it - Thanks for the update - 

    With Exchange on-premises environment, if makes sense to use the Xink client (GPO) to update the email signatures.
    Since the latest updates by Microsoft in Dec 22, Outlook 365 no longer uses the registry and email signatures are stored in the cloud.
    If you have any plans to migrate to 365, the 365 add-in method is cross-platform, cloud-based and is not relying on registry settings.

    Are you trying to update email signatures for shared mailboxes? 


    Jesper Frier

  •  We do not update a signatures for shared mailboxes, only users.

    And if I understand you correctly, no further development work is planned for this version of the application ?
  • We still support the Xink client method for Exchange on-premises environments.

    I struggle to understand how you use Outlook with more than one domain.
    It's not the shared mailboxes.
    You can assign user email signatures to other users > Learn more.

    Please provide a screenshot - Thanks.

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