SSO - Allow AAD/OpenID Authentifcation without linking accounts first

SSO with AzureAD/OpenID is a must to prevent multiple login/passwords for all SaaS based applications.

Every time we would like to add an Administrator account the Admin user needs onboarding by login into the xink portal and link his AzureAD Account to his xink Account.

When enforcing SSO it is a pain to always disable SSO enforcement to allow the user to login with PW and then tell the user to link his account to the xink account. Re-enabling SSO enforcement afterwards.

It should be possible to define a username authentication field to pre-link OpenID/AAD without manually linking every user.

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  • Good idee. make an autolink feature.

    When enforcing azure ad login when a new users is  is trying to login using azure ad it receives an error Xink User does not exist.

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