This articles describes how you can allow one or more users to use another user's default email signature.

Example of use: Law firms where secretaries need to send on behalf of a partner and hence need to add this partner's email signature.

Scenario: Three users (Ben Kiesler, Catherine Smith and Don Domingo) want to make their default signature available for use for the user 'Hans Gruber'.

Hans Gruber can by himself choose which of these signatures he wants to make available as optional signatures in Outlook. This is part is controlled via the Xink app (Windows only).

First we need to select users and add permissions, then the end user will be able to select which signatures should be made available in Outlook.

Select Users for Signature Sharing

Go to 'employees in the main menu and select the users by checking them. Then click the 'down arrow' and select 'Share default signatures with...' as shown here

Now select the user you want to share their default signatures with:

We select 'Hans Gruber' because this is the person we want to give this option to.

You can always see which users' default signatures have been shared with by selecting a users and click the gear and choose 'Shared signatures':

Here you can delete shares

This is also where you can delete shared signatures so they are not available anymore.

Selecting other users' default signatures

The end user now needs to open 'contact details' in the Xink app (Windows only):

At the end of the possibilities for editing contact details a new section appears where you can select the default signatures that were just made available for you. In this case we select them all to make them all available as optional signatures in Outlook:

Click 'Save' to save the changes and then the signatures will update. When you click 'New E-mail' in Outlook to compose a new email you can see these users' signatures available in the list and viol√° you can use another user's default email signature.


Q: Does this functionality work on Mac?

A: No this is only available for Windows currently.

Q: Does this work in Outlook?

A: Yes this works in Outlook versions from 2010 to 2016 on Windows. It is not available in 'Outlook on the web' and other browser versions of Outlook and Gmail.

Q: Which signatures are made optional?

A: The Default email signature for those specific users selected. If these users do not have a default signatures selected, then you will not see a default signature for this person

Q: Do we need to upgrade to make this functionality available?

A: You need to upgrade your installs. If you are running Xink with invitation based emails, it will upgrade itself.

Q: How do we remove  users from the list?

A: Find the employee you want to remove it for and click the gear in Xink admin and select 'Shared Signatures'. Then check the users you want to remove. The signatures will be removed from that person's Outlook.

Q: What is a user had a campaign or images that I don't have?

A: Then they are copied over for you to use. Don't worry about that, this is handled by Xink.