Use email signature campaigns to promote social media, relevant news, events, and marketing content in every email sent.

In the CAMPAIGNS menu, click '+' to add a new campaign:

In the built-in editor, you can upload a banner, create text with links or copy/paste in HTML source from your preferred designer:

  • Priority is used when more than one campaign is running at the same time.
    is often used in companies that want to run a short­term marketing campaign or deal, while continuing to use their long­term campaign, which can often be things like social media campaign.

    Campaign with Priority #1 will show above campaign with Priority #2 etc.
    You can run more than two campaigns, but we don’t recommend overloading the email signature call to action.

  • Notes are for Xink Marketing admins only. They are for internal use and don’t affect your email signature or campaign.

To insert a link, click the infinity link icon in the menu: