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How to stop the signature piling up at the end of a long thread?

You can decide whether your Gmail signature is preceded by "--" and inserted before any quoted text in replies.

This styling serves to provide some separation between your mail text and your signature.

Gmail Setting to Move Signature above Quoted Text in Replies and Forwards

Gmail users get signature option on settings page to enable and add rich signature at the bottom of every email.

By default, the signature appears at the bottom of the email even below the quoted text in replies. 

The default signature placement is fine for new compose but I am sure many of us wants to have the signature above the quoted text i.e. just after the recent message in case of replies and forwards.

Go to the Gmail Settings page and open General Tab

In Signature option, you can see a new check-box available just below the signature box with text as “Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–” line that precedes it”. 

Once you check that box off and save your changes, your signatures should appear above the quoted text in replies and forwards.

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