Salesforce integration is available in Xink. 

By enabling Salesforce integration, you keep the email signatures updated for all employees using Salesforce.

Note: Salesforce email signatures can be maximum 1333 bytes long which can be a challenge if your design is complex.
Speak out on the Salesforce community > Salesforce Email Signature Character Limit

To adapt this option for the employees in your account, follow the next steps.

Log in to your account. Open Preferences in the top right corner of the window.

Switch to the Integration tab and choose Salesforce in the left menu.

Check ‘Enable Salesforce Integration’ and the Salesforce login query will be dropped down below.

Click ‘Link Salesforce’ and you will be redirected to the Salesforce authorization page. Log in to the Salesforce under the user whose signature you want to get updated, e.g. Alexander Beck.

Once the connection was successfully processed, it will redirect you back to the Xink Integration page with the already entered login into the corresponding field. Click ‘Save’.

The setup is done. It means that during a short time the signature set for the user Alexander Beck in Xink account will be pushed to his Salesforce account.

Check the integration results in the Salesforce environment of the hooked account.

To create a new Salesforce integration just disable the previous one first and save.

Then open the Integration page once more and enable the integration for the next account.

Now you know how to manage the signatures of your employees in the Salesforce environment from Xink app panel.