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How to Share the default signature from the other user

When you Share the default signature from the other user, you will automatically be using the Default/Reply signature from the shared user.


''Personal Secretary'' is the email assistant of ''Financial Controller'' and ''Office Manager'', this means that ''Personal Secretary'' needs access to their default signatures in Outlook (Windows Only) to be able to send emails on their behalf.

Step 1

Go to the Xink Portal, then select the Employees tab in the Main Menu. From here, you will need to select the Employees that you want the user to have access to.  After your selection, click on the 'down arrow' and then Select the 'Share default signatures with...' and a new window will open that will now allow you to Select the ''Personal Secretary'' to share the default signatures of the Employees you have selected earlier. Please make sure to Click Done after your selection to apply the changes.

Step 2

To verify and view which default signatures are shared with the User. Just look for this person on the Employees tab in the Main Menu Click on the small gear wheel on the far right side and select 'Shared Signatures'. This will open a new window where you can see the list of Employees whose default signature is accessible for this User. If you want to remove access, just place a checkmark on the small box beside the Employees name and then Click on Delete selected.

Step 3 (Windows Users Only) 

Wait until the automatic synchronization from Xink is done or click on 'Update Now' to get the updates from Xink immediately. (Only if you cannot wait for the automatic sync). Then, Select 'My Contact Details' and make sure to place a checkmark on the boxes beside the names of the persons that you want this user to be able to use. Once you are done with your selection, click Save.  

If you try to go back again on the 'Shared Signatures' of the Useryou will notice a checkmark at the end of the names of the Employees that the User has access to. This confirms that you have correctly completed the steps above.

You can now go to Microsoft Outlook and create a New Email. You will see that after selecting the Signature or right-clicking on your default signature, you already have the option to use these shared signatures.


Does this functionality work on Mac?

No, this is only available for Windows PCs only at this stage.

Does this work with Microsoft Outlook on Windows?
Yes, this works in Outlook versions 2010+ and above. It's not available in 'Outlook on the web' and other browser versions of Outlook or Gmail.
Which signatures are made optional?
The default email signature for those specific users selected. If these users do not have a default signature selected, then you will not see a default signature for this person.
Do we need to upgrade the Xink Client to make this functionality available?

Yes, you need to upgrade your Xink Client to the latest version. If you are running the Xink Client via invitation based emails, then there's no need to do so as it upgrades itself automatically.

How do we remove users from the Shared Signatures?
Find the user shared with the signature on the Xink Portal under Employees Tab and Click the gear icon on Xink Admin then select 'Shared Signatures'. Check the users you want to remove from the list and click on Delete Selected. The signatures previously shared will now be removed from that person's Outlook.
What if a user had a campaign or image that I don't have?
They are automatically copied over for you to use and you wouldn't have to worry because this is already taken care of by Xink.

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