IT Pro: How do I enable logging for the Xink Transport Agent?

When you made it through the KBs (2/2), it means that the Exchange Connector (EC) is setup and working correctly.

If the default signature is not applied (and you already created Plain Text version of your signatures), the time has come to troubleshoot your Xink Transport agent.

You enable logging and check if the log contains any errors after sending some emails from mobile devices. Logging is disabled by default.

When you submit a support ticket, we need the log files in order to be able to assist.

How to enable logging

Logging is disabled by default.
You will need to enable logging if you are troubleshooting and we ask you to send us a logs after you have done your troubleshooting and already perform test emails from mobile device.
To do so, you will need to add a system.diagnostics section to EdgeTransport.exe.config
(use windows file search to locate EdgeTransport.exe.config file on your Exchange server. Normally it is in your exchange server's bin directory).

Example: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Bin

1. Create 'TEMP' if not existing in C Drive and this path must be accessible, by the NETWORK SERVICE system account, with WRITE Permissions and not Read Only protected.

Make sure to save a backup of the existing config before editing!!!




2. Add the following, to EdgeTransport.exe.config:

<source name="EMSTransportAgent" switchName="SourceSwitch"
<remove name="Default"/>
<add name="tempFile"
traceOutputOptions="ProcessId, DateTime"/>
<add name="SourceSwitch" value="Verbose"></add>
<trace autoflush="true" indentsize="4"/>

3. The system.diagnostics section must be placed inside of the <configuration> and right before final </configuration> tag. (see example below)

4. Now, restart the following windows services
      - Microsoft Exchange EdgeSync
      - Microsoft Frontend Transport and 
      - Microsoft Exchange Transport 
Wait for few minute before sending a test email to collect the found in C:\TEMP\EMSTransportAgent.log

5. Perform the tasks that our Xink Support Team suggested e.g (Send a test emails from iPhone & Android).

6. Revert back by removing <system.diagnostics> after sending test emails and collecting EMSTransportAgent.log.

7. Send the logs to, Please white the URL of this guide in the message body to confirm you have already followed this guide. Thanks!

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