IT Pro: How to update OWA email signature (Exchange on prem)

Xink is ready for a company-wide OWA email signature management with Exchange Server on premises.

This is a part 3 of the article series about Installing Xink Exchange Connector. This guide assumed that you already installed Xink Exchange Connector and its already functional. See the previous article about how to install the Exchange Connector.

Setup OWA Signatures within Exchange Connector

Xink Exchange Connector is used for setting the signatures in Outlook Web App for on-premise Exchange servers 2010/2013/2016 and 2019.
You need to know if your Exchange Server is using Forms Based Authentication or Integrated Windows Authentication. Remember to use the internal URL of Outlook Web App.

Only check “Remove images in your Outlook Web signature” checkbox if you are having problems with images not showing in your OWA signatures. This happens on some Exchange servers due to a Microsoft bug.

(Step 1) 

(Step 2) This is default setting.

Enter the 'exchange admin account' or domain user that has at least 'Application Impersonation Rights' on all mailboxes on your Exchange Server.
This will be used to set the OWA signature for each mailbox.

(Step 3)

Click “Save Credentials” to save your settings. 

Update and Test Exchange Connector.

Run this command in a CMD prompt to test if it's working correctly.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Xink Connector\XinkExchangeConnector.exe -v
By default, Xink Exchange Connector is installed in this folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Xink Connector\ where you can find the executable file.

XinkExchangeConnector.exe -v

Check the output for any errors.

Now sign into your Outlook Web App and check that the signature has been deployed correctly.

What's next?

When everything checks out OK, Then you area ready to set up a scheduled task that will run this tool 'XinkExchangeConnector.exe' on a regular basis, for example, twice a day at once a day.

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