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How to update on iOS device using Gmail app (G Suite)

On an iPhone, you can integrate the Gmail app with G Suite easily.

Just add your account and voila! There you go!

Gmail app will use default email signature as per the settings in your Xink account.
Learn how to set default email signature.

Once you’ve added your account, your signature will be added to your message when you send it:

Leave this setting as default which is "disabled":

It is not visible while composing the email, but it is received and displayed to the recipient.

When replying to emails in an email thread, the signature will be added to the bottom of the email 

Hence, you will have signature stacking. This limitation is by G Suite design. 

Trust us, we wish we had more control over how Google displays messages when sent from iOS devices!

Unfortunately, it's taking it or leave it.

Can I still create my own signature on mobile not the one from Xink portal?

Yes, if the “Mobile Signature” setting is “On,” then you can type your own signature: in the test field and leave it disabled if you want to get Xink Signature instead.

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