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The default signature in Outlook on the web does not update

You have successfully deployed signatures to Microsoft 365 via Xink and now logging in to OWA, and you still see the old signature when you click 'E-mail'.
You see no error messages in the Xink dashboard but only OKs.

You even see that the updated signature is correct in the signature edit box in OWA. How can this be fixed?

What seems to be the issue?


When you see only "x records, no errors" in the Xink dashboard at "Microsoft 365 last run status", the signatures have updated correctly. 

When you don't see the signature when clicking 'E-mail' in OWA for 365, it is related to a known Microsoft bug.

To confirm that you see the signature written by Xink in the signature section (Log on to your Microsoft 365 account click your image -> Options -> Settings):

You should see the expected email signature and make sure that the check-mark automatically includescheckmark my signature on messages I send.
When you can confirm this, the Xink job is done correctly.

The email signature shows up incorrectly when you start a new email related to a Microsoft 365 bug.
To fix this, you need to delete the user's settings completely.

To do so, you can use a tool called MFCMAPI which you can download from Codeplex:

When you have deleted the settings, you can redeploy the signatures and then it will work.

Note: Do this at your own risk. We do not support any third-party tool's functionality and cannot be held responsible for any incorrect use of these tools.

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