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How to assign application impersonation in the admin center

Before you can update Outlook on the web email signature, you need to add impersonation rights. 

To assign a user the permissions to perform specific administrative tasks, you add the user as a member of the role group for those administrative tasks.

For example, if you hire a new employee for your helpdesk staff, you simply add the new employee to the Help Desk role group, and he is ready to go.

The combination of all roles assigned to the role group defines everything that a role group member can manage in his organization. 

So your task is to create a new role group, assign roles and a member inside of it. Follow the steps below to execute this operation properly.

  1. Sign in to your Exchange admin center

  2. Select ADMIN > Exchange in the left menu:

  3. Choose ‘Permissions’ in the left navigation menu and make sure that you are in ‘admin roles’ tab:

  4. Click ‘+’ sign to add a new role group:

  5. A pop-up ‘new role group’ will open. Fill in the required fields:

    specify the name of the group, e.g. ‘XINK365
    select ‘ApplicationImpersonation’ and ‘ViewOnly-Configuration* role:
    Impersonation management role enables applications to impersonate users in an organization to perform tasks on behalf of the user.
    ViewOnly-Configuration management role enables administrators to view all the non-recipient Exchange configuration settings in an organization. Examples of configuration that are viewable are server configuration, transport configuration, database configuration, and organization-wide configuration.
    define one member, e.g. ‘xink365sync’ for performing the admin roles specified above*

    Note that ‘xink365sync’ is just an example, you can name the user as you wish.

    Finally, you should get the next filled form:

    Choose ‘ApplicationImpersonation’ from the general role list and click 'add - >', then select 'View-Only Configuration' and 'add - >' again. The selected items will move to the role picker field. Once you finish with that, validate.

  6. Once you finish with that, validate.

    Define one member ‘xink365sync’ for these administrative tasks:

    The final step is to ‘Save’ and your role group is successfully done.

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