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IT Pro: How to assign Application Impersonation using Remote Windows PowerShell (Microsoft 365)

You can use the New-ManagementRoleAssignment Exchange Management Shell cmdlet to assign the ApplicationImpersonation role to users in the organization. 

To configure impersonation in Exchange Online this way, you need to be able to run a Windows PowerShell script against your Exchange Online environment.

How to configure role group which has the roles ApplicationImpersonation and View-Only Recipients assigned:

  1. Start a new PowerShell and connect it to your Microsoft 365 platform. Please refer to this Microsoft document (click here) for guide on connecting to your Exchange Online (Microsoft 365) through PowerShell.
  2. Create a new role group like this:
    New-RoleGroup -Name "Seattle Limited Recipient Management" -Roles "ApplicationImpersonation", "View-Only Recipients" –Members [Account names to be a member of this group]
  3. Verify the role group configuration:
    Get-RoleGroup "Seattle Limited Recipient Management" | fl
  4. Now verify the members of the group:
    Get-RoleGroupMember "Seattle Limited Recipient Management"
  5. Now enter the Microsoft 365 admin credentials into the login box in your Xink administration interface.
    Find 'Preferences' in the top right corner of the screen:

  6. Click 'Integration' and choose 'Microsoft 365' in the left menu.
    When the check mark is selected the signature will update to your Microsoft 365 account every 10 minutes.

  7. Please check your account details are OK by clicking the ‘Check connectivity’ button.
    If you are unable to connect, then try Remote Connectivity Analyzer (Microsoft)

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