Option to asign signatures and campaigns by folder in employees

As we have many user workign cross-company and cross-department, it's hard to asign signatures by groups only, which leaves me to asign signatures and campaings employee by employee.
The campaigns can - in the beginning - be asigned to signatures. But when we start using them to promote our new Brand, websites etc. these need to be more by deparment or employee function.

Having that work with folders would give the opportunity to make signatures and campaings more visual and therefore much easier to maintain.

  • Hi Johnny,

    This feature already exists.

    You can assign Signatures or Campaigns to users that are members of an Employee folder. 

    Please see the example below.

    You may also pick a timeslot HERE so we can demonstrate it via an online session.

    Hopefully this helps.

  • Wonderful, thanks.

    I must have overlooked that :)

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