Adding Signatures to Emails Sent From Mobile Devices

Are there any plans to allow managed signatures to be added to emails sent from mobile devices?  We are a Google Workspace client, using the Gmail app for iOS and turning the mobile signature off used to add the signature after the email was sent but does not any longer.  This is a very important feature as many of our users correspond with clients on mobile and telling users to send email via the web browser on their phone just so the managed signature gets added to then end of the email isn't a viable alternative.

Please let us know, thanks!

  • Hi Paul - 

    We use Google API to update Gmail email signatures.
    Sadly, Google stopped updating their API for the Gmail app on iOS.

    This leaves you with Gmail via the web browser on your iOS devices.

     What's next?

    We decided not to introduce server-side email signatures (because it raises privacy concerns due to email rerouting and increases the risk).
    Instead, we are investigating an add-in/plugin for Google Workspace in the same way we launched it for Outlook email clients in Sep 2022 (cross-platform).

    It's not something we can launch in 2023, but hopefully during Q1 2024.

    Thank you for your understanding
    Jesper Frier

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