Integration Fields Report

Would like a print function on the Preferences > Fields screen so that you can get a printed list of each field and it's corresponding AD attribute instead of having to click edit to see each one individually. 

  • Thanks for your suggestion Marc - 

    Is the purpose to easily see  all the Fields > Edit details? Specifically the Property attribute?


    Jesper Frier

  • Yes. Having the entire list of fields and their respective property information on a report would be very helpful instead of having to click edit on each one to display it. 

    Mark J. Orzolek 

    IT Enterprise Engineer

    Nel Hydrogen - US

    Office:  203-678-2331

  • Got it Mark - 

    What I can suggest is adding 3 columns > Improve overview > To edit, you still have to click the small gear icon > Will this work for you?

    Then we'll discuss internally making sure it doesn't confuse the majority (maybe use a grey color for the additional columns to make them less visible).

    Jesper Frier

  • As long as it’s all visible on the screen at the same time that will work for me.  I can then do a screenshot and work off of that. 

  • A quick update Mark -

    We discussed your suggestion during our team meeting and decided to move it to planned.

    Jesper Frier

  • A quick update Mark - 

    Unfortunately, the web IU cannot be modified.'

    Instead I suggest a csv export of the Field list, by placing another button near "+" in the top right part.
    When clicking the button, you get a direct link to download as CSV.

     Will this work for you?

    Thank you for a quick confirmation
    Jesper Frier

  • It’ll work as long as the export has the all the field information in it (what Xink field maps to what Azure field). 

  • It's implemented Mark - Enjoy!

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