Integrate default signature into the xink add-in or make xink ad client work with newer versions of Outlook

We're currently facing an issue where users that have the newest version of outlook 64 bit and (current channel) So update 2308 can't set default signature. Xink AD client is not working with these new version and xink add-in does work however users can't set their own default signature, which they will come to the IT department to change their default signature. For an organization with roughley 5000 users its not pleasent for the IT department to change their default signature every time they've got a new signature.

  • Hi Amrous -

    Did you switch Outlook to the 'new Outlook'?
    Do you experience the issue when using the add-in? When using the client method?

    This version is still in Preview:


  • Hi, thank you for your reply, but there is no try the new outlook this is the new version pushed by microsoft through the current channel.

    Update history for Microsoft 365 Apps (listed by date) - Office release notes | Microsoft Learn

    The xink ad client method doesn't work with this version of outlook, and the xink add-in doesn't support assigning default signatures. but manually assigning signatures everytime I send an e-mail does work, but time consuming

  • I'm using the current version and most 365 clients are using the current version and the New/Reply email signature is set automatically:

    I suggest a quick remote remote session with our support to help you.
    Since this is a public post, I cannot show you the link here, but you select it in your Xink account > Free 1-on-1 > Technical Support Session.

    If you prefer to get help here, I kindly ask you to provide more details:

    Did you deploy the add-in from AppSource (Microsoft)? Or from your Xink account (Manifest)?


  • Hi,

    So I've had a 1 on 1 session with one of your colleagues. Xink has been deployed as an add-in in outlook 365. We can indeed set New/Reply e-mail signature automatically, but according to your colleague this has to be done via Xink admin portal. However in an organisation with over 5000 users, we want to let users themself to change their signature whenever they'd like, not via us in the Xink admin portal. It's very time consuming for the helpdesk.

    Best regards,

  • We just implemented Xink for 1000 users using the Xink Web Add-in and are also getting alot of complaints from users because they cannot choose another signature as their default signature.

    It would be great if it was possible from the Xink admin portal to choose if the user is allowed to turn off the automatic adding of the signature or not. In some companies they might want to enforce a certain signature on all e-mails, while in others they want to allow their users to choose for themselves if they want to have an automatically added signature and if so which one of the optional ones.

  • A quick update -

    We are looking into adding NEW and REPLY/FORWARD selections when the admin specifies 'Do not change'.
    We only show the NEW and REPLY/FORWARD selections when the admin specifies 'Do not change'.
    When the admin removes the 'Do not change' setting, the NEW and REPLY/FORWARD menus are also removed (so we don't confuse the majority).

    Since Outlook 365 no longer stores the email signatures locally in the Outlook profile (and the add-in has no access to any files locally), the NEW/REPLY email signature selection must be set in the add-in (not in the locally installed Outlook which will become Outlook 'classic' once Microsoft launches the NEW Outlook currently known as One Outlook).

    Will this work for you?

    Jesper Frier

  • Hi Jesper,

    If that allows users to change their default signature them selfs, then yes that will work for me. You mean that if we check "do not change" in the Xink admin portal, users will get an option in their Xink Add-in to choose their default signature when creating or replying to an e-mail, am I right?

    Best regards,

    Abdessamad Amrous

  • Hi Jesper

    I'm not sure I understand what you have in mind correctly.

    I'm assuming the NEW and REPLY/FORWARD selections you are looking to add would be selections within the Xink Web Add-in that the user can select?

    If this is the case, then shouldn't the logic be the other way around? If the Admin has selected "Do not change" in the Admin portal then the users should not be presented with the option of selecting default signatures as it's managed centrally. But if the Admin does not set "Do not change" then the user is allowed to choose their own default signature and the fields are visible in the Xink Web Add-in.

    We have some users who wants to make their own signature (within One Outlook's built in signature feature) and use default. For that to work with the above, the NEW and REPLY/FORWARD selections should include a "No signature" option so nothing is added automatically.

  • Aha, I understand now, that would also suffice, so select "no signature" then the user will be allowed to create or select their own signature to use in new and reply to e-mails. That would help out alot indeed.

  • Correct Amrous! :)

    Thomas -

    'Do not change' means the admin allows the end users to select NEW/REPLY.

    'Do not change' has been used for many years (in the client version) to allow admins to push optional email signatures and will enable the end users to select their own NEW/REPLY.

    This functionality stopped with the add-in since the add-in cannot see what the users select locally in Outlook.

    My description is correct - Not the other way around. :)
    Since this is a public post, I cannot give you my tel. no. but please ping me on Teams, and I'll explain in more detail.

    I've marked your suggestion as planned and will provide the ETA once I receive input from our add-in developers.
    What seem to be an easy tasks, sometimes is complex and influences the load time which is critical for the add-in.

    Jesper Frier

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