Option for default New and Reply/Forward in Add-In

Hi team, 

Moving to New OWA Outlook we are struggling with default signatures for New and Reply emails as currently we do not set default signatures from portal but we are letting users to set it by their own in Outlook Signature options. 

In Addin this feature is not available which means that we have to set many rules for our departments to set their default signature from portal. 

Will be this feature available in Add-in ? 



  • Thanks for your input Adam - 

    We are looking into adding NEW and REPLY/FORWARD selections when the admin specifies 'Do not change'. The selections must disappear when 'Do not change' is not specified (so we don't confuse the majority).

    Thank you for your patience.
    Jesper Frier

  • A quick update Adam -

    We are testing the new version this week and will provide you with an update by the end of the week - Thank you for your patience.

    We added two dropdowns that will appear if 'Do not change' has been selected by the admin. 

    We save the choices to the user's mailbox; hence, it will synchronize across Windows/Mac/Web/Android.

    The challenge was to add the dropdowns without cluttering the user interface. (UI) 

    But since it's only visible for clients using 'Do not change', we are likely to accept the UI as it is:

  • Thanks Jesper, will wait for update and test it. 


  • Hi Adam -

    We've released the 365 add-in v.4.0.12, which preserves locally stored email signature settings when 'Do not change' is assigned (company, rules or individually).

    The 'Do not change' setting helps the administrator when the preferred New/Reply email signatures are unknown because it allows the end-users to select themselves among the approved templates.

    Jesper Frier

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