Automatic signature depending on Recipient e-mail address

Many companies would like to have separate signatures for internal and external e-mails.
Some companies might also want a specific signature for specific customers.

This is possible to implement with the OnRecipientsChanged event in Microsofts Mailbox 1.11 API for Web Add-Ins which was introduced at Ignite 2021 as mentioned here: What's new in Office Add-ins at Ignite 2021 - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog

I imagine a rule where an admin could define that is the To-field contains then one signature is applied, and to all other domains the default signature is applied.

CodeTwo is already using this in their e-mail Web Add-in, so implementing this in Xink would also help better compete.

  • Thanks for your suggestion Thomas -

    Your request will require re-routing of your company emails which typically raises privacy concerns.

    Are you willing to accept re-routing of your company emails?

    Jesper Frier

  • Hi Jesper

    No, I am not talking about server based signatures which require re-routing.

    I am talking about implementing automation in the Xink Web Add-In so that it can dynamically change the signature added in the body of the e-mail depending on what is typed into the To field of the e-mail.
    This can all be done by the Add-In on the client using the OnRecipientsChanged event without any server based routing.

    Please see this demo from Ignite 2021 where Microsoft demo'ed this with CodeTwo:

    Best regards

    Thomas Frederiksen

  • Got it, Thomas - 

    That's interesting, and our Add-in dev team will look closer at the OnRecipientsChanged event.

    Thanks for the update
    Jesper Frier

  • A quick update Thomas - 

    A small task for the add-in team.
    A big task for our backend development team (where the recipient/domain rules are created).

    We've recorded your suggestion and will prioritize it later this year.

    Jesper Frier

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