Using Gmail signature in Apple Mail on iphone

We need a way to have Apple mail in iOS use signature from the Gmail platform. Most of our clients use the default mail app on their phones.

  • Thanks for your suggestion Robert -

    Google Workspace support Gmail on IOS - Unfortunately, not Apple Mail on iOS.

    Thus, the only way is to re-route your emails through one of our servers, where we apply the default/reply signature and return the email to your tenant. Your tenant sends the emails to the recipient.

    We have not built the re-router for the Google Workspace environment (we'll monitor the likes your suggestion receives).

    However, we have the re-router in place with Microsoft 365 environment (you only need one Microsoft 365 account to add the Apple Mail email signature).

    Are you willing to create a Microsoft 365 account and try the re-router?

    Then our 365 support team will assist you in selecting the correct Microsoft account and help you configure the re-router (30 min. on a quick remote session).

    Thank you for a quick update,

    Jesper Frier

  • Thanks for the response. We're a Google Workspace university, so switching to Microsoft won't work. We'll just suggest that users use the Gmail App for now. Thanks.

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