Ability for end user to set default signatures in 'New Outlook'

Currently the new Outlook is web based, and does not allow for default signatures to be set using the 365 app if pushed. We have roughly 7400 users, and it's not something we can do to go through and set individual signatures. We'd like to see the option to either import those signatures to webmail for sync (Outlook created signatures do sync to webmail), or the ability to set a personal default from within the Xink app itself from within the 'New Outlook'

  • Hi Arthur -

    I can see that you did not assign NEW and REPLY/FORWARD email signatures > The 'Do not change' means that you allow the end user to select the NEW/REPLY themselves:

    TIP > The green circle becomes a green dot once you assign the NEW/REPLY.

    I created (and disabled) a rule example which you can edit and activate > It will sett the NEW/REPLY for all users >  Learn how to set email signatures for groups.

    Need remote help (it's included with your support)?

    Do I answer your question? Does it meet your requirements?

    Jesper Frier

  • Hey Jesper,

    We were wanting the end user to be able to set their own signatures, not from the admin side. Admin side we don't control them this way.



  • Hey Arthur -

    Hmmm ... I misunderstood you - Sorry!

    All EMPLOYEES where you see 'Do not change' manages NEW/REPLY email signatures themselves.

    On the right-hand side, you can export to Excel and quickly filter to get an overview.

    Are all good, then? :)

    Jesper Frier

  • Hey Jesper,

    Not looking for an overview. In Outlook you can set signatures by going to File > Options > Mail > Signatures, and any end user can set any one of our 50 signatures we have available depending on department/marketing. This isn't something we're looking to do admin side outside of just creating the signatures and allowing the end user to select which signature to use.

    Currently with the Office 365 app push the end user is no longer able to set a default signature, they can pick a signature to use, however they need to pick the signature every time. 



  • Got it, Arthur -

    You started using the 365 add-in (cloud) instead of the client-side solution. Sorry about missing that part.

    Microsoft changed the default Outlook in Dec last year.

    Email signatures are no longer stored locally in the Outlook profile but in the cloud (mailbox).

    Outlook will become cloud-based only (One Outlook), and the Outlook we've known since 1997 will become the 'classic' desktop.

    The add-in cannot access any information on the desktop, incl. Outlook settings, files, registry, etc.

    I'll ask our add-in dev team to see if we can make a selection in the 365 add-in (since it has no access to the local Outlook).

    I appreciate your patience.


  • Is there any update on this?

  • Hi Arthur - 

    We are testing the new version this week and will provide you with an update by the end of the week - Thank you for your patience.

    We added two dropdowns that will appear if 'Do not change' has been selected by the admin.  
    The choices are saved to the user's mailbox, hence it will synchronize across Windows/Mac/Web/Android.

    The challenge was to add the dropdowns without cluttering the user interface. (UI)  

    But since it's only visible for clients using 'Do not change', we are likely to accept the UI as it is:

  • Hi Adam -

    We've released the 365 add-in v.4.0.12, which preserves locally stored email signature settings when 'Do not change' is assigned (company, rules or individually).

    The 'Do not change' setting helps the administrator when the preferred New/Reply email signatures are unknown because it allows the end-users to select themselves among the approved templates.

    Jesper Frier

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