Ability to do a one-time do not apply signature to this mail

It would be nice with a feature to do a one-time do not apply a signature to this email.

We are using the microsoft 365 server side method to apply signatures to all our users.

In our old signature software (we used for on-prem exchange), we had the option to look for a word in the email subject. So when our users didn't want to have a signature applied they just typed #ns in the subject field. Then the signature software didn't apply the signature but it removed the #ns from the subject field.

I know we have the option to do a exception in exchange online mail flow rule to check for a word in the subject or body, but we can't remove the word afterwards, which is really not looking so good.

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  • Hi Tobias - 

    I understand where you are coming from and your suggestion to add functionality to the server.

    It's risky business to change the email content on the server (raises privacy concerns).

    Is there a reason you don't use the add-in deployment method where the end-users can select multiple email signatures (depending on the recipient and the mailbox they use)?

    The main technical argument for the add-in is that your company emails are not re-routed (no risk - no privacy concerns).

    The main business argument is that end users can see their email signature(s) as they compose their emails (cross-platform and shared mailboxes).

    Thanks for your suggestion
    Jesper Frier

  • Hi Jesper.

    We are sending emails from a bunch of different systems also from the iphone mail app which i don't think works with the xink add-in.

    We also better like the idea of the signature getting applied to mails no matter which device and platform we are using with no need of a add-in.

    I have actually used the add-in for the last couple of days and i don't see any option to one-time disable it from a new mail.

  • Hi Tobias -

    With the 365 add-in you can select among the email signatures you assign as optional when you click the add-in.

    E.g. an empty email signature, internal email signature, etc.

    If you didn't pin the add-in, you find it in the Message menu in Outlook DESKTOP.

    I'll leave your suggestion and will monitor if it collects likes.

    Thanks for your suggestion
    Jesper Frier 

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