Feature Request - Xink Addin in Outlook Calendar is missing

When working as Project Management, it is needed to book customer appointment directly from other peoples calendar. But when i want to book, there is no Addin i can use to insert their Xink Signatur.

It would be great if Xink could add a feature that allows to add other peoples signatur from Xink Addin 

with permissions administered from the portal. 

  • Hi Teeb - 

    By default, the add-in will insert the default email signature when creating meetings.

    If you are assigned other users' email signatures, you can add those to the meeting invitation.

    Learn how to get other users' email signatures:


    Does it meet your requirements?


    Jesper Frier

  • Hi Jesper, 

    When you open the Calendar from you own, you have the Xink addin. 

    But when you open another persons Calendar from outlook, the addin is not available. 

    Therefor we can't choose the signature that we wanna use for another users Calendar. 

    Best regards

    Teeb Abdul

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