Feature Request - Different release channels

Dear Xink,

Hereby I would like to submit a feature request to be able to follow different kinds of release channels for the Xink Office365 Outlook Add-in.

Whereas there could be a Canary, Dev, Stable and Beta release channel. Like Google for example has: https://developer.chrome.com/docs/web-platform/chrome-release-channels/

We could then register with a different manifest xml to one or each channels and use different channels to assign them to seperate users inside our business.
ICT could then for example be using the Beta channel and the rest of the business the Stable channel.

And this could also help lower volumes on impacts when rolling out newer versions of the software for your dev / support team(s).

Kind regards,

Jordi Warnaar
System Administrator

SAA Verzekeringen B.V.

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