Enhancement - Automate Share Default Signatures with...

Can we find a way to automate share default signatures?  Can you add a field called "Share Default Signatures With" and whatever name is in the field it will automatically deploy the signatures to that person.  

I need to find a way to take the manual work of assigning and reassign signatures.  

We had Xink EmailSignature version 10.0 on premise and this did such a great job automating deploying delegate signatures.

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  • Hi Emma,

    Your admins can share the signature with someone else. (Screenshot below)

    For automation requests, the more votes your suggestion collects, the higher the chance it reaches our road map.


  • Thank you, Norvin.  I'm already aware of the "share default signature with", I do that today.  I'm trying figure out a better way to improve and automate the process.

  • We use the 'Configure Xink Sql2Xink' to map our fields and pull the data in.  Maybe through the tool and mapped fields we can map share default with.

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