Lock Specific Signatures From Editing


We have a suggestion to create a feature where we could lock specific signatures from editing. It would work for us to either give only admins ability to edit these specific signatures or if we could select specific users who could edit them. 

We currently have a couple of default signatures that about 500 people are using and we would love to be able to lock those signatures from editing. 

Let me know if you have any questions!


Kiersten Hollis

  • Thanks for your suggestion, Kiersten -

    I checked your account and see that you use the Outlook email client and Microsoft 365 environment.

    Since the email signature is generated in Xink, the end-users can only edit it once it's pulled into Outlook. So when they create a new email, they can edit their email signature before sending it, and they have to do it every time they send an email.

    Microsoft designed Outlook this way.

    The only way to change this is to re-route your emails through our servers, where we validate the email signature and replace it if modified. However, it will delay the email delivery slightly, and the change in mail flow could cause privacy concerns.

    Will re-routing your emails be acceptable for you?

    As a WORKAROUND, many clients refer the end users to the company policy, where they are instructed not to change their email signature.

    When it's a management decision to manage email signatures centrally, the staff will follow the instruction.

    What are your thoughts?


    Jesper Frier

    Co-founder and partner

  • Hey Jesper,

    Sorry I must not have explained this too well. We were thinking of not editing signatures on the Xink Site. Our company has quite a few people that have access to building signatures in Xink. We have 2 signatures in particular that we would like to lock in Xink so that the signature builders cant edit the signatures. (only admins or specific selected Xink users would be able edit them)

    Attached is a picture of the idea. For example, I am logged in as the user but we will say I dont have permissions to edit the carahsoft default signature. so when I click on the blue carahsoft default title, I get a notification saying I dont have permissions. I would still be able to Copy the signature but not edit it. 


  • Got it, Kiersten -

    I misunderstood - Sorry!

    You request a more granular Signature Admin Role.

    Instead of having access to all templates, you want to select which templates a specific Signature Admin can update - Correct?

    Jesper Frier

    Co-founder and partner

  • So sorry Jesper I hadn't seen your response but searched for the ticket to check on the status. Yes, permissions either that way or by clicking the signature and selecting who has access to edit it from the list of admins. 

  • I would like to upvote this feature as well.

    We have a large company consisting of multiple smaller companies (daughter companies).

    They are all in the same 365 tenant but some of them have their own marketing/communication department.

    It would be very nice if we can let the marketing folks edit their own signatures belonging to their company in the Xink portal and restrict them to edit others that belong to other daughter companies.

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