Re-require MFA setup button

It would greatly improve security and user-experience, if you could setup a button to re-require MFA setup, on individual admin accounts. 
Currently we would need to deactivate MFA for the whole company -> delete select admin user -> Reactivate MFA -> setup admin user anew, if just a single user loses their access to their MFA (due to new phone, or various other reasons). 


This is a bit impractical, and opens a gap while MFA is deactivated.

  • Hi Bjorgvin,

    Thanks for reaching to us.

    It seems you are doing extra steps that are not required when fixing an MFA issue or if you have moved to another mobile device. 

    You only need to perform 2 steps:

    1. Delete the admin account

    2. Recreate the admin account

    Then your MFA will stay active for the rest of the admins and the affected user will be asked to reconfigure the MFA using the authenticator app on the new device. 

    Please let us know if you have further concerns.

  • I was simply doing what was told by your support. 

    Regardless, to recreate a user simply to reset their MFA is bothersome. 

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