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Can we get a preview option for the plain text signature?  The preview for HTML works great but it's a different signature block for plain text and there is no way to test that for a specific user to see if it looks correct.

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  • Hi Elias,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I am afraid there is no preview for Plain Text version. It does not have any formatting unless you have added CASE statements to it but even then, if you need the fields data previewed, it should be reflected in the HTML preview section.

    The purpose of the HTML preview is to appreciate and get a quick sneak peek on how the HTML design would look with all the user details added to the entire design including the images and styles. Unfortunately, these things do not exist in the Plain Text so Dev has decided that this feature would not be necessary.

    Let us know if you have further questions.

  • Hi Waylord,

    I actually do use several case statements within the signature and our text signature is a bit different since it doesn't support the same design as we have in the HTML block.  I would have to disagree with dev since as a customer I can say that our plain text block had some issues that could have been avoided if I were able to preview it with different people from different offices.  

  • Hi Elias -

    We will keep your suggestion open for likes.

    Outlook on Windows changed to HTML by default in the year 2000.

    Mac was always HTML and recently skipped TXT replies and now only replies in HTML.

    All web email clients use HTML and never reply in TXT.

    I received my last Plain Text (TXT) email two years ago.

    Where are your inbound TXT emails coming from?


    Jesper Frier
    Co-founder and partner

  • Hi Jesper,

    I agree that the direction of email has standardized to HTML, however, we have no control over what email applications people are using outside of our organization.  For example, we have seen some mobile email clients switch to TXT for some reason which changes the entire email thread over to TXT.  After it changes to TXT people are not switching it back to HTML and will just respond to the thread back in TXT.  This is one example where an inserted signature will be in TXT.

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