Use / misuse signatures in body area via server side? - Google Workspace Rerouting to support Gmail on Android signatures

On server-side emails, can't Xink use / misuse the bottom of the body portion of the email and thusly head code + proper CSS?

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for raising this feature request.

    I explained to the team about your signature requirement on Gmail App on Android. 

    The 3rd party app that allows Gmail App to be launched as web app is not possible.

    At the moment, Gmail API does not support this on Android and the only way to allow this to happen is to either add a server-side feature. 

    We have raised this matter to Dev to explore this possibility and we will let you know once this is released if it goes that route.

    You may contact us via Live Chat or email at as if you have further questions.

    Have a nice day ahead.

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