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"Non-Licensed"/Shared Users

The new outlook add-in works excellently for users with single-mailboxes, but for users that use send-as or send on behalf of, they now have to have a xink license for each email address they can send as vs. before where the xink program allowed a single signature to be applied across any mail account on the computer. Hoping to have a way to insert a xink signature from an already licensed user, or have non-licensed accounts that pull in signatures from other accounts.

  • Thanks for your input Eric -

    I will check with our dev if the PA functionality is possible via the add-in.

    In the meantime, you can continue to use the client for the users, that is sending on behalf of other users.

    Jesper Frier

  • Hi Eric -

    You can add the email signature for user A to user B when user B send on behalf of user A.
    Both user A and B will require a Xink license.

    Please provide an example where it doesn't work at your end, please.

    Jesper Frier

  • Hi Jesper,

    This will mean an additional ~50 shared mailbox users that previously have never needed licenses. The users sending mail are already licensed, but the account they are sending from is shared. This change of product capability will impact budgets, big time. I hope your team will reconsider or determine a way to comp an agreed upon number of xink licenses.


  • Hi Eric - 

    We didn't change licensing and I need a specific example to understand the changes at your end - Thanks.

    Since this is a public post, I've sent you my personal meeting link to your email to get a better understanding.


  • Hi Eric - 

    A quick meeting summary:

    • You are using the add-in on Mac.
    • When you switch to the shared mailbox in your Outlook on Mac, the add-in disappears, and you cannot select the signature.
    • We agreed that it makes sense because those mailboxes are not in your account.

    Microsoft recently changed where Outlook stores email signatures.
    Outlook now stores the signatures in the mailbox (I believe it's the same for Mac, based on your demonstration).

    • I offered you the shared mailbox licenses for free.
    • You cannot add them to your main account as they are removed with the next AD sync.
    • Instead, I created a FREE MANAGED ACCOUNT for you where you can maintain your shared mailboxes (this account is independent of your main account).

    What's next?

    • You deploy the add-in to the shared mailboxes in the MANAGED ACCOUNT.

    Keep me posted on your progress :) Thanks

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