Allow companies to input custom email signature tags

Currently, only the application default signatures (Sent from my iPhone, Sent from my Android... etc.) are supported by Xink's Server-Side system. It would be beneficial to add a section in the server-side settings for custom signature tags that may have been typed into devices (ie., "Sent from EDC Mobile" or "Sent from Outlook") by employees to ensure the company signature is forced. Right now, we have to reach out to employees who have changed their signature to something else, unknowingly, to set it back to default, instead of being able to intervene and fix the issue on our end.

  • Hi Eric -

    When you use Outlook app on iOS/Android you don't have to rely on certain text strings because Outlook sends the email in HTML (any text will get replaces and even no text get a signature assigned).
    When you use the Mail app on iOS from Apple, it sends the email in Plain Text and that's the reason we can only check for certain text strings.

    Is your question regarding the Mail app on iOS?

    Thank you for a quick update
    Jesper Frier

  • Hi Jesper, We’ve found this issue occurring when sending from both Mail for iOS and Outlook apps on both Android/iOS. For example, a user with a phone-set signature of “Sent from EC Mobile” doesn’t receive a signature (tested in both iOS mail app and Outlook for iOS). I’d like to be able to go into Xink, and tell server side to look for this string.
  • Hi Eric - 

    I'll leave your feature request open for the Mail app on iOS (because Apple will not likely change their Mail app to send in HTML by default).

    I want to ensure there is no misunderstanding on the Outlook app (iOS/Android) behavior.

    When using the Outlook app (iOS/Android), any text string (and none) will get replaced, including "Sent from EC Mobile” > Please schedule a remote troubleshooting session:

  • Hi Jesper,

    I did hop on a remote session with Jay yesterday evening and he suggested this feature request as "only default strings would be replaced."


  • Hi Jesper,

    Did some testing with Jay today and some additional testing with Norvin just now. 50/50 Good News/Bad News.

    We successfully have the markers working as expected from the Outlook app, but still need a space in Xink Admin portal to specify custom markers we'd like the re-router to look for in the native android and iOS mail applications. We use the native mail app almost exclusively.

    It would also be beneficial for a list of already supported markers to be published, as it seems there is some confusion (Jay and Norvin both were under the impression that Sent from my iPad would not work, but it did).

    Thank you,


  • Hi Eric,

    I just performed a few test emails using Outlook app for iOS/Android and I confirm server-side was able to apply the Xink default signature.

    I copied you on one of my test email and will continue troubleshooting send you update via the ticket you submitted.


  • Hi Eric - 

    I had a quick meeting with Norvin and Jay to avoid any misunderstandings, and we concluded:

    Outlook app (iOS/Android)

    We replace any text string with the email signature.

    We insert the email signature when the user deletes the signature in the app settings.

    When users delete the text string as they compose their email, the email signature is not inserted (because you also delete the HTML tag surrounding the text string).

    Mail app (iOS)

    We replace the standard Apple text strings, e.g. 'Sent from my iPhone' and 'Sent from my iPad' (because the Mail app sends the email in the Plain Text format, we cannot look for any HTML tags).

    If users change the standard text string, you either ask them to change it back, or they can copy/paste the marker '{EMAILSIGNATURE}'.

    When Apple changes their Mail app to send in HTML, we can add flexibility as we can identify the HTML tag (but Apple has no roadmap to start sending email in the HTML format).

    Does it make sense?

    Jesper Frier

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