Support for Kandji (MDM system)

It would be great if you can look into how we can enroll Xink using our MDM system Kandji.

The .pkg file installs fine but the post install script fails.

  • Hi Rene,

    Thank you for submitting a feature request.

    We have existing KB articles for two major deployment methods for mac users as per the popular request and majority of our customer base.


    I'm happy to collaborate with you and develop a new KB article for Kandji.

    I have created a support ticket and reached out to you directly.


  • Hi Rene - 

    If you use Microsoft 365, you can use the add-in deployment method which is cross platform (Win/Mac/Web);

    The 365 add-in (manifest file – NOT the old fashion COM add-in) is excellent for Outlook on Win/Mac and Outlook on the web (browser). It allows the end-users to see their email signatures as they compose the email. In addition, they can select among multiple email signatures (shared mailbox signatures, other languages, an internal signature, etc.) > Learn more.

    Jesper Frier

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