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Full server side with Outlook detection

We used another signature provider before switching to Xink. Overall, we much prefer Xink but the previous provider had one handy feature.

They're integration/server would append the signature to ALL email, but when it detected a signature was already inserted using their desktop app and Outlook integration, it would not add in another signature.

This made deployments very easy as we could deploy the app over time without the worry that some users won't have signatures. It also added peace of mind knowing that signatures would always apply even if users somehow messed up the app or Outlook.

Happy to discuss this in more details.

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  • Hi Helmut - 

    When you leave this setting UNCHECKED, only emails sent from mobile devices will get the new/reply email signature applied > All good?

    You can book a remote 1-on-1 session with in your Xink account at the lower left hand corner.

    Thank you for a quick update
    Jesper Frier

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