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Option to load an imagefile with a variable

Each of our workers have a personal photo in their signature. Now we have to create a signature per worker in Xink, because there is no option to load an imagefile with a variable.

Let's say we would upload all the personal photos in Xink and name them with each firstname of the worker (e.g. john.png etc.)

It would be nice to have an option to load the image by using a ((firstname)) variable in the pathname of the imagefile (e.g. /Images/Get/E8881/((firstname)).png). So whatever the first name is in Azure is used in the path. This way we could create just one signature in Xink instead of creating a separate signature for each worker.

  • Hi Odwin -

    The ((Photo)) field is the default image field which allow you to insert staff headshots (you can also create a new image field) > Learn more.

    I found your headshot on LinkedIn and added it in the EMPLOYEES menu.
    I create a quick template where you can see how it's used:

    All good? 

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