Dashboard page: Change 'Active Campaigns' to 'Campaigns'

As a relatively low user of Xink, I have spent years wondering why there seem to be more Active Campaigns than Running campaigns. 

IMHO the label 'Active Campaigns' is misleading UX-wise as 'Active' implies any active Campaign regardless of date range i.e. Running campaigns. Instead why not just use the label 'Campaigns' as that implies those Running within the selected date range (and also subconsciously alerts you to use the date range feature).

Now that I have finally asked Xink support to explain (thanks Raphael), it makes sense - but for new users perhaps this would be an easy UX improvement?

  • Thanks for your suggestion Edward -

    We changed the label to 'Campaigns' and updated the guide so it's clear that the 'Campaigns' changes with the selected time frame.

    Jesper Frier

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