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Campaigns Dashboard: add text search for campaign name

We have had Xink for a number of years now and I have always found the Campaigns page difficult to use efficiently as there is no text search field for campaign name. This is especially the case when you are copying a campaign and updating it with a new title and content and then saving. You then have to spend a few clicks and precious time using the basic pagination and sort features to find the new campaign.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, Edward -

    We plan to implement it as it will benefit the majority - It should not take too long - Stay tuned! :)

    Jesper Frier

  • Hi Jesper,

    That's great thanks.

    Would it also make sense to load the Campaigns page with Running campaigns filtered by default, rather than displaying All campaigns (including ended campaigns) as it's quite overwhelming and it seems unnecessary seeing the same old campaigns over and over again?



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