Autoconvert signature into JPEG to avoid tampering

Hi all,

we have issues with users modifying the signature before sending emails and altering the company branding, so it would be useful to make the xink client to create the signature and add the data as JPEG so the user cant modify it, only delete it in any case.

  • Thank you for the suggestion Jose. It's a great idea.

    Will make sure to revisit and & review all the suggestions we receive on a quarterly basis and develop the best feature that our management approves. 

  • My quick thoughts Jose,

    The recipients might not see an all-image design. 

    With the server-side configuration, the email signature is applied when the email is sent, and the sender cannot edit the email signature.

    You can also preserve your current configuration with help from your management, who instructs the staff not to update the email signature.

  • When you say server side is by having the mail flow go via XINK? or do you mean via Exchange? in any case, the emails with SMIME can't be modified after they have been sent from Outlook.

  • Correct - The server-side method will not work with encrypted emails.

  • Hence why, my suggestion... if your client converts the signature into a jpeg... then users won't be able to tamper with it and it will still go through.

  • With an all-image design your logo and contact details might get removed at the recipient end based on their configuration (or the image could get removed on reply, e.g. when using Mail app (iOS).

    Did your management instructs the staff not to change their email signature? 

  • yeah they can still get removed at the recipient if sent as HTML, but at least they would need to edit the file and it would be more complicated. 

    we do instruct them, but it could still happen. We are just trying to put measures to avoid it from happening.

  • When creating the data as JPG, the contact information and branding is an image.

    Today some users edit their contact details (even if instructed not to).

    If you change to store in an image, the user cannot edit it but they can delete the image, and the recipients could automatically remove the image based on their configuration and device. 

  • Yes Jesper, but an image will bring more benefits... at the moment with XINK they can still remove it, modify, etc before they send the email.

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