Feature request - Track field usage

I would like a feature that allows me to track if and where a Field is used without requiring me to open all templates an manually look for the field. 

If I go to Settings -> Fields and click the Settings-button, I would like to have an "Where used" option along Edit and Delete. This should give me a list of templates where the given field is used. It would be nice if I then could click a template in the list and open it directly from there.

Alternatively an advanced search filter allowing me to search for field(s) used in the signatures could be an option.

  • Thanks for your input Tommy -

    Your suggestion will benefit the majority of customers.

    We will copy the Search feature from the EMPLOYEES menu to the SIGNATURES menu.

    Jesper Frier

  • You can now search fields in the SIGNATURES menu:

  • Great! 

    And it works like a charm. :-)

    Thank you for the fast implementation!

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