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Hi Dev.

In our company we will not use the xink client, but only use the manifest way to deploy the signatures, and we have a question in that regard.
As the manifest addin does replace the current signatur in the outlook clients, but every user has to manually replace it in every mail, i was wandering is it possible for the dev team to create a extra button within the xink addin that makes it so a user can mark the signature they want to set as there default signature, push it and it then replaces the current signature in the Outlook cache with the one from Xink? 
I know this would be a one time use button, but it will still be something that makes it way more usable for all the users instead of having to add the signature every time they write a new mail or reply to a mail.  

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    Im not a designer or Dev. so bear with me :-) this i a image of the xink addin delpoyed via Manifest, i was thinking that ther could be an exstra button that the user can use to set the default in to the Outlook cache 
    to replace them as showed in the this ss


  • Thanks for your suggestion Karsten -

    The add-in works perfectly on Mac and Outlook on the web (OWA), inserting the default signature when the user starts a new email, but it does not work on Windows currently.

    According to the documentation from Microsoft, the add-in should work in Outlook on Windows.
    However, Microsoft has made an example that does not work, so it is probably a bug in Outlook for Windows.

    Unfortunately, we cannot bypass it by setting the default signature through the add-in because add-ins run in a sandbox in Outlook on Windows, where Microsoft displays a JavaScript API that the add-in can call through. Specifically, this means you do not have access to either the file system or things that the API does not exhibit, including setting the default signature.

    Fortunately, Microsoft is constantly developing the API, so maybe they will fix some things at some point.

    We can fix this with an "old-fashioned" COM add-in for Outlook Windows and a cross-platform add-in for OWA, but this is not in line with our strategy and may result in unstable and laggy Outlook.

    Expanding the functionality in the add-in is strategic, so it has high priority.

    Our recommended WORKAROUND while we wait for an updated API from Microsoft:

    You can either use the Xink client with Outlook on Windows or move the user to Outlook on the web (browser). 

    The Xink client will set the new/reply email signature and with 0-footprint in Outlook on Windows without stability and performance issues.

    Stay tuned
    Jesper Frier

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