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Ability to Choose the Location of a campaign message Top or Bottom of Signature

I would like to be able to have an option to show the campaign at the top or the bottom of the signature. I know I can insert it manually but I have 100 plus signatures to update at times and people complain that they cannot see the campaign information because it appears at the bottom. Having an option box to choose the location would be a great enhancement. 

  • Hi Tom -

    I quickly looked at your 96 templates.
    Most of your templates got employee names.
    You only run one campaign rule.

     I suggest a quick Campaign training session where train you to use the Campaign segmentation OR the Campaign-tag (see below) > Pick our time slot (30min.).

    You should end up with maybe 10 templates.

    In the Campaign menu, you find the Campaign-tag which you can paste into your email signature template > Learn more.

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