Option to Choose Default state of Checkboxes

I spoke with Hans Andy and Jesper.

And from what I can understand what I would like is not currently possible.

We have our Xink setup to  give the user the ability to choose weather or not to display direct number as well as mobile number in their signature.

This works great, and their account is synced via Azure.

However we'd like for new accounts to have this enabled for Direct number by default.

Would it be possible to add an option for choosing the default state of this field?

See attatched pictures





  • Hi Mikkel, I got a response from our backend team and was advised of the following below:

    By default all the CHECK type fields are unticked.

    So to get the direct phone in new and reply/forward emails by default, we suggest to rename 2 customs fields to:
    'Don't Show Direct No. in new mails' and 'Don't Show Direct No. in reply'.
    These custom fields will be unticked by default for all existing employees and newly created employees.

    Please check 2 signatures as a test to see if the solution we suggest works for you.
    The signatures are 'Company Default - Xink support' and 'Reply - Xink support'.
    The conditionals are updated in these signatures with the custom fields 'Don't Show Direct No. in new mails' and 'Don't Show Direct No. in reply'.
    The custom fields are only visible for the Xink admin, they are not editable by your employees for now before you confirm that it works for you and want to publish it live.

    Does this solution work for you?
  • Hi Hans.

    Yeah! Looks good.

    :P it makes more sense to change the conditional rather than add a new feature sorry :D

    Thank you very much

    I'll do the edit and push myself later, as we need to get this approved :)

  • Sounds great. Have a great day Mikkel and glad the solution works and makes sense as well. Cheers.

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