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Exclude Campaigns on internal emails

The possibility to exclude the Campaign signatures on internal emails.
Meaning that the sender domain is known, and therefore giving the (XINK-) administrator the possibility to set that response emails will not have campaigns added.

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  • Hi Birgitte,

    Sorry, the Campaign rules are set only based on the sender's variables and it is predetermined before you click New email. It has no ability to adjust based on the recipient's domain or mail flow(internal email). This feature is currently not available and something that we don't see being added in the near future unless Microsoft changes its email processes or own features.

    Let us know if you have further questions.
  • Hi Birgitte - 

    A workaround is to create an internal signature and not apply campaigns to that template.
    Then instruct the users to right-click their default to select the their internal signature.

    It only requires one-click by the users and then they will not show the campaign internally.

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