Calendar invite signatures


Could it be possible to put on signatures on calendar invites?

hopefully Server-side. but if it could work with xink client as a start, it would surfice

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  • Hi Jimmy -

    In Outlook 365, you can insert the signature:

    It's not a feature in Outlook to insert the email signature automatically with an appointment.
    I added a shortcut with easy access from the top menu.

  • Yes 2nd vote for this idea. Several customers have asked why they cant add Xink (auto) Signatures to Meeting Invites/Emails with Teams meetings. As this is effectively an email. Our customer logged support ticket with us with details "The Xink signatures are not being applied to calendar invites"

  • Hi Tim - 

    You can add the email signature to your meeting invitation.

    I always do it, and the screenshot above shows you how.

    I will check with our development if the Xink add-in can access the Calendar in Outlook and automate it since it's not a feature in Outlook.

    Jesper Frier

  • FYI - 

    We are adding this feature request to the 365 add-in > Learn more about the cross-platform add-in.

  • Hi Tim -

    Implemented > The latest add-in manifest will add the email signature to a New Appointment > Enjoy! :)

    Jesper Frier

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